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Sichuan Security System
Sichuan Besuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will explain to you that the Sichuan security system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signals in its closed loop, and forms an independent and complete system from camera to image display and recording. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, image, and truth. It can replace manual monitoring for a long time under harsh environment, and record it by video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment will alarm the illegal intrusion. Security system: 1. Anti-crossing alarm in the perimeter of the community 2. CCTV monitoring 3. Intercom and card (including home anti-theft) Sichuan security system features: 1. Structure is clear and simple: Because the monitoring host is centralized monitoring system through Xiangshi network video The management software implements many devices such as video matrix, picture splitter and so on in the simulation system ...
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Sichuan Security System
I. Standard-definition infrared night vision network dome camera 2. Industrial-grade high-definition 720p and 1080P infrared night vision network camera III. Infrared waterproof camera series 4. Dome camera series 5. Elevator camera, hidden camera series 6. White light camera series (day and night full (Color) 7. Small PTZ camera series 8. TF card storage camera infrared camera series 9. Explosion-proof camera series 10. Various video recorder series, network video server series, matrix series, TV wall server, monitor, acquisition Cards and other monitoring system peripheral products
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Building Intercom System
The building intercom system in Sichuan is equipped with anti-theft doors at the entrance of each unit. The administrator switchboard of the community main control center, the intercom host at the entrance and exit of the building, electric locks, door closers, and the visual intercom extension at the user's home are composed of a dedicated network. . In order to realize the intercom between the visitor and the resident, the resident can remotely open the anti-theft door, and the visitor of each unit ladder calls the resident through the intercom host, and the other party can enter the building only after the consent of the other party, thereby restricting the entry of illegal personnel. The characteristics of the building intercom system: First, rugged and rugged can be said to be the most important condition for an access control intercom system, because first of all, the function of the access control intercom system is to protect the life and property of the user. If it is not strong enough, how can we protect others? Secondly, the access control intercom system is for users to come in and out ...
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Parking lot management system
Case of Sichuan parking lot management system Customer name: Renrenle parking lot Completion time: May 2004-October 2004 Customer satisfaction: Very satisfied As the core, it is supplemented by reliable hardware and equipment. Through the intelligent control of the system and the simple operation of the attendant, the comprehensive management of access, charging, security and other aspects of the entire parking lot is completed. The overall design of the system: The parking lot management system uses a one-in, one-out induction IC card parking lot charge management system. System composition: The system is divided into three parts: entrance, exit, and toll booth from the physical location. Ground or underground entrance: The main equipments at the entrance are: entrance ticket box, entrance automatic road gate, and induction coil. tube...
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Intelligent community video surveillance system
Sichuan monitoring system case Customer name: Nanyang Shengshi Community Completion time: April 2005-September 2005 Customer satisfaction: Very satisfied Smart community video surveillance system: The video surveillance system is an indispensable part of the smart community, mainly collecting Important entrances, entrances to each unit, parking garage entrances, and various public places and other key areas of video surveillance images, so that the duty staff in the community can monitor the real-time situation of the entire community in real time; Control, real-time recording, playback and retrieval of video files, the management center can achieve remote monitoring and control through the network. The digital video surveillance system collects the image of the situation on the scene through the low-light color camera and transmits the video signal to the DVR of the security center via the video cable ...
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Intercom system

Besuda Intelligent System Project is a high-tech project with advanced consciousness and high technical content. The project has strict installation requirements and strong construction expertise. All units must be carefully designed and coordinated to ensure that the intelligent system has a high degree of security, reliability, and stability, as well as the overall beauty of the equipment installation, which is convenient and practical. Easy maintenance. Our company will organize a strong leadership team to carry out careful construction to ensure that the construction, installation, commissioning, use and personnel training of each system are completed within the period specified by your unit, and meet the excellent engineering standards. Our company will set up a special engineering project team for the intelligent weak current system project, and prepare a set of effective and perfect construction organization plan for the project, and seriously implement it in the whole process of pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. .

对讲系统 楼宇对讲系统 成都楼宇对讲系统
Sichuan monitoring system

Besuda analyzes the principle of the monitoring system for you. A typical TV monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts: front-end monitoring equipment, transmission equipment, and back-end control display equipment. The back-end equipment can be further divided into central control equipment and sub-control equipment. The front and back-end devices have multiple forms of construction, and the connection between them (also known as a transmission system) can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as cable, fiber, or microwave.

四川楼宇对讲系统 四川监控系统 四川停车场管理系统
Parking management system

Analysis of the four major functions of the parking management system. I. Vehicle information registration This function is used to register various information of the vehicle, including: vehicle number, compulsory measure certificate, frame number, engine number, deduction place, vehicle type, vehicle color, deduction unit, detention police, Deduction time, deduction code, vehicle photo, etc. If the vehicle being detained is a vehicle for the disabled, you need to fill in the information such as the disabled person's ID, ID number, and name. 2. Vehicle Information Query In the query module of the parking lot system, you can use the keywords of the vehicle, such as: car number, deduction place, deduction time, engine number and other information to quickly and accurately find the vehicle. The inside of the detained vehicle greatly facilitates the management and sequencing of the vehicle. Third, various statistical functions of parking lot management ...

停车场管理系统 出入口控制机 出卡机

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Customer Testimony of Sichuan Security System

Sichuan Besuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s products make us very satisfied. Every service is in place. In addition, their company's one-stop service such as timely delivery and door-to-door service has saved us a lot of heart. I hope we can continue to cooperate!

Testimony of Sichuan Building Docking System

In the process of cooperation with Besuda, we deeply felt their company's professional ability display, and their strong execution, coordination and service attitude left us a good impression. Hope to be able to cooperate for a long time!

Testimony of Sichuan parking lot management system

When choosing Sichuan Besuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., I chose to rest assured that their products are really worthy of everyone's trust. They can be assured to buy and the service is very thoughtful. They will continue to cooperate in the later stages.

Customer Testimony of Sichuan Monitoring System

We met Besuda at an accidental opportunity and have been working together for more than three years. Besuda has always focused on quality and reputation, and is a company that conducts business with integrity. Worth cooperation!


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Sichuan Besuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with integrated secondary engineering qualifications for building intelligent engineering design and construction, and public safety technology prevention system design, installation, maintenance, and operation qualifications. The company's predecessor was established in 2003. Sichuan Besuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 59, West Section of the Second Ring Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, with a registered capital of RMB 8 million. After years of operation, the company has a highly professional management team with strong execution ability A strict and efficient ERP management system and performance evaluation system. "Adapt to the market and serve customers for many years"

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影响四川楼宇对讲系统的常见问题原因分析 影响四川楼宇对讲系统的常见问题原因分析

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  • The Sichuan parking lot management system is an electronic equipment product, and he can well manage the entry and exit of vehicles and parking billing. To a certain extent, Chengdu has liberated the era of manual management of billing, but sometimes parking management systems also have problems. How did these problems arise? Let ’s share it with you. Is the parking management system secure? The current parking lot system uses the license plate, model, image and other related information to compare whether the entering and exiting vehicles are the same. If they are the same, they are released, so it is very safe for the parking lot using the parking lot system. Is the parking management system billing reasonable? During the rush hour, car owners need to fill in and out of the parking lot, pay bills too slowly, and are extremely inefficient, often causing traffic jams. For the installation of parking system ...
  • What exactly does the Sichuan parking lot management system do, and where is it used? Today, the editor of Besuda came to explain to you that the Sichuan parking lot management system is mainly used in the following 4 places: 1. When a permanent user's vehicle enters the parking lot, the reader automatically detects the entry of the vehicle and judges the legality of the card . If it is legal, the barrier is opened, the vehicle enters the parking lot, and the camera captures a picture of the vehicle and stores it in the management computer. 2. When a temporary user enters the parking lot, he receives a temporary card from the ticket issuing machine. The digital video recorder captures a picture of the vehicle and stores it in the computer. The controller records the time when the vehicle entered and transfers it to the computer when online. 3. When the permanent user's vehicle leaves the parking lot, the sensor automatically detects the departure of the vehicle and judges the legitimacy of the card. ...
  • Sichuan Surveillance System Co., Ltd. introduces the requirements that the intelligent camera surveillance system used in the community needs to meet. The intelligent camera monitoring system used in the residential area must meet the various needs of the front end, transmission and terminal parts. As everyone attaches importance to the safety of residential communities, more and more community security has chosen to use smart camera monitoring systems. The intelligent camera monitoring system suitable for residential quarters is different from other public monitoring systems. The intelligent camera monitoring system for residential quarters should meet the following three requirements. 1. Front-end part The front-end equipment determines the positions of multiple important monitoring points according to the requirements of the owner and the site survey of the entire environment, and calculates how many smart cameras are used. The main part of the front-end part of the residential intelligent camera monitoring system is intelligent ...
  • Today, the editor of Besuda came to talk about the security lines of the Chengdu building system. The first line of defense perimeter monitoring system: Advanced active infrared intrusion detectors are set on the surrounding walls and fences of the closed residential area. The infrared beam is used to close the top of the surrounding area. Once someone enters the wall, the community electronics The map can quickly show the location of the incident, and issue an audible and visual alarm to remind the staff on duty to promptly report to the police. The officer on duty calls the nearest patrol officer for disposal through the radio station according to the alarm location displayed on the electronic map. The second line of defense TV monitoring system: The TV monitoring system is installed at the gates of residential quarters, the entrances and exits of parking lots (garages), elevator cars, and the main passages in the district.
  • We often talk about the convenience of Sichuan building intercom system, but what are the specifics? Fast transmission speed: The transmission speed of the local area network can currently reach 100M to the desktop. If fiber-to-the-desktop is used, it can reach Gigabit bandwidth. This is not possible with bus system technology. The application of this aspect is a revolution in the technology of the entire smart community, which will digitally process sound, data and images. Therefore, the equipment of the entire community is digital products; the Sichuan building intercom system manufacturers have simple transmission lines and convenient networking: because sound, data, and images are digital signals, the network line of the entire community only needs a community LAN. To realize the real community network; with online inspection function ...

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17/12 四川楼宇对讲系统的功能及选购要点 四川楼宇对讲系统的功能及选购要点
The functions and purchasing points of Sichuan building intercom system

In our life, we know that Sichuan building intercom is a management system that realizes the connection between community visitors, residents and property. Today's residential floors are relatively high. With the building intercom system, high-rise residents can be greatly facilitated. If there is anything, they can directly notify the property management staff at home. Communication is more convenient, fast, safe and reliable. Now I will share with you the functions and purchasing points of the Sichuan building intercom system. The function of building intercom system and the main points for purchase: 1. The function of Sichuan building intercom system: visitors can dial the residential extension on the host at the door of the unit, the indoor extension of the residence rings, and the visitor's image is displayed on the screen. The resident can talk to the visitor by lifting the phone to identify the visitor. Automatic door closing function for residents and visitors ...

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四川安防系统的四大组成部分 四川安防系统的四大组成部分
Four Components of Sichuan Security System

1. Control part: This part is the core of the security monitoring system. It completes the functions of digital acquisition of analog video surveillance signals, MPEG-1 compression, recording and retrieval of monitoring data, and hard disk recording. Its core unit is the acquisition and compression unit. Its channel reliability, computing processing capacity, and convenience of video retrieval directly affect the performance of the entire system. The control part is the key part to realize the linkage of alarm and video recording.

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